Friday, August 15, 2014

Liberation Day

I was one of many who were in [Fukuoka, for Mistsui Mining] Camp 17 in Omuta, Japan on that exciting day, August 15, 1945. We went to the coal mine, but didm;t go down, instead we were brought back to camp. Then came call for all of us to go intro the mess hall where we were given a full Red Cross Box. At noon we were offered all the rice we wanted to eat, and at roll call at about 6PM our Japanese camp commander, Uri, drove onto the parade ground and, with all trucks surrounding us, with machine guns on top of the trucks, said to us.."Japan and the United States are now friends." and he and the trucks drove off leaving us standing there, free men. What a day to remember.
Lester Tenney # 264, Camp 17, barracks # 4, Bataan Death March survivor


  1. I lost my father at the the infamous Burma railway. My mother and I were in captivity for three and a half year with thousands of women and children. The Japanese military tortured, starved us to death and raped my mother and aunt. We like to get recognition from Japan and a sincere apology, than we will be able to bury the past. Japan also should stop lying to its people about WW2 and tell the truth. Revise your history books and stop denying about your wrong doings.I was one and a half years old when they locked us up and spend three and a half years of my life in filthy dirty camps. After the war I was scared of men. thought I had to bow for them otherwise I was afraid my mother would get punished. My mothers life was shattered. The rest of her life she was plagued with terrible nightmares, which woke me all the time.What kind of people are this who can do this to other human beings. Sad thing is the world has not learned from it, it happens still every day. Japan got away unpunished for their wrong doings.They honor their war criminals in the Shrine as if they are heroes. No wonder people never learn what is right or wrong.I feel sad that Japan got away with their awful atrocities and never got punished. I am asking myself every day, The survivors from this awful war really never were free. They didn't find peace. They tried to mend their lives as best they could, without help. Japan prospered, and came out of this war as a winner, although they were the sinners!!!

  2. Anon,
    PLEASE contact me directly. I am working on helping you. I need your testimony. I assume you are British or Dutch.


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